Victoria Falls is not dry, climate change taking toll

“Facts have no feelings.” That’s a quote by flamboyant churchman Uebert Angel. It’s a quote that has made a lot of sense to Elisha Moyo in recent days — and perhaps to everyone else who has not allowed emotion to takeover fact in the aftermath of Stephen Sackur’s documentary on the Victoria Falls. The film […]

Irrigation rehab channels life back into Zimbabwe’s parched fields

In this drought-prone region of eastern Zimbabwe, relying on rain to grow crops no longer makes sense. That’s one reason Joseph Zviuya, a small-scale farmer in the Nyanyadzi area, looks with satisfaction at the canal near his fields that is now overflowing with irrigation water. “This water is our lifeline; without this irrigation scheme we […]

Newer technology to boost crop yields: Cimmyt

THE International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (Cimmyt) wants to bring new technologies to local commercial farmers, which can boost yields by 40%. Cimmyt country director, Cosmos Magorokosho told NewsDay on the sidelines of one of their site visits yesterday in Harare that they were working with smallholder famers and seed companies. “Cimmyt has a […]