Plans underway to strengthen Zimbabwe’s civil protection unit                     

By Wallace Mawire               The government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works has initiated countrywide stakeholder consultations on the disaster risk management bill which seeks to repeal the country’s Civil Protection Act.                                         The consultations come in the wake of concerns raised by various sectors in the country on the need to […]

Zim adopts mapping technology to predict disasters

By Wallace Mawire After Cyclone Idai ravaged southern Africa, killing at least 1,000 people, Zimbabwe’s scientific community is actively using   geospatial mapping technology to better predict future disasters.  The cyclone hit southern African countries include Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, at least 268 people were killed and many are still missing. Local scientists […]

Is climate change making you anxious?… . . . here are coping tips from psychologists

Between news of devastating natural disasters, horrifying scientific predictions, and the infuriating lack of political will to do anything about it all, it seems we can’t catch a collective breath at the moment. some days, news about the climate crisis feels like a heavy weight on my chest. And I’m not alone. Some of us […]

How climate change impacted world in 2019

MADRID. – The year 2019 concludes a decade of exceptional global heat, retreating ice and record sea levels driven by greenhouse gases from human activities. Average temperatures for the five-year (2015-2019) and ten-year (2010-2019) periods are almost certain to be the highest on record. 2019 is on course to be the second or third warmest […]

‘Climate change will cripple economies’

Climate change will damage the economies of countries whether they are rich or poor, hot or cold by the year 2100, economists said in a new report, dispelling the notion that impoverished, warm countries will suffer the most on a warming planet. Researchers who examined data from 174 countries over 50 years found that persistent […]

Adapting African agriculture to climate change  

Climate change is already putting huge stress on Africa’s food production systems   And, according to projections, worse is coming. As ministers for agriculture from across the continent gather in Kigali for the Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue (August 5 and August 6 2019), ensuring a secure and sustainable food supply must be at the centre […]

Need to review Zim disaster response, preparedness

Following a series of events in Zimbabwe, it is clear that the effects of climate change are visiting the southern African country with anger. One can safely say nature is angry with Zimbabwe. The effects of climate change are felt almost every day in the country, with climate change defined as any significant changes in […]