Zimbabwean farmers fighting ‘’hidden hunger’’ by growing biofortified food crops

By Tendai Chara Smallholder farmer Musiyiwa Musonza, 77, is triumphant as he shows a thriving Vitamin A orange maize crop in his field despite high temperatures experienced in his area that destroyed most plants at germination. ‘’It has never been this hot in this area. I was pleased the variety is drought-tolerant. Despite dry conditions […]

Mainstream climate change issues, government departments told    

GOVERNMENT departments have been urged to mainstream climate change issues in their programmes as the country moves towards climate change adaptation and mitigation to reduce its effects. In an interview after a Matabeleland South Provincial climate change mainstreaming sensitisation programme in Gwanda on Wednesday, the deputy director in the Climate Change Management Department in the […]

Nationals MPs snub launch of farming group’s climate change report

Nationals MPs have snubbed a farmers’ group launching a major climate change report that warns the Australian agricultural sector faces “significant threats to viability” without a new national climate strategy. The report, launched by the Farmers for Climate Action group at Parliament House on Monday, warns that agricultural production will fall, farm profits will decline […]

Climate change literacy still low in Africa: Afrobarometer

The recent havoc caused by tropical Cyclone Idai which struck the southern African countries of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi is a grim reminder that Africa remains the most vulnerable continent as far as climate change mitigation is concerned. A new survey released by Afrobarometer paints a bleak picture of how agriculture conditions are worsening due […]

GE maize may offset climate change effects

Count Kansas State University agricultural economist Jesse Tack is among those who recognise unique challenges created by the world’s rising demand for food and changing climates across the globe. Tack and Ariel Ortiz-Bobea of Cornell University recently published a study in the journal, Environmental Research Letters, looking at the impact of climate change on maize […]

‘Take part in climate change mitigation’

Stakeholders in the public and private sectors have been urged to participate in climate change mitigation and adaptation in order to safeguard human lives, livestock and wildlife, as well as attain Vision 2030. The call was made by Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement Minister Perrance Shiri during the official opening of an Inter-Ministerial […]

Adapting African agriculture to climate change  

Climate change is already putting huge stress on Africa’s food production systems   And, according to projections, worse is coming. As ministers for agriculture from across the continent gather in Kigali for the Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue (August 5 and August 6 2019), ensuring a secure and sustainable food supply must be at the centre […]

Climate change: Communal farmers need education too

WHILE the concept of climate change is fairly getting appreciation in the country’s communities, very little has been done to get the message of its impacts to the communal farmers whose collective efforts are admittedly contributing to agriculture productivity.  A lot of workshops, meetings and seminars on the subject have been confined to teak furnished […]

Solar powered incubators trending in rural areas

By Pamenus Tuso  Free range chicken (road runners) breeders in rural areas are set to benefit from automatic solar powered incubators recently designed and manufactured by a local company. The solar powered machines which were introduced by a  Harare based company, Victors Chickens in February this year, enables smallholder farmers to be 10 times more […]