Macro-economic priorities in 2020

Victor Bhoroma ZIMBABWE’S prospects for 2020 look quite bleak with the 2019/20 farming season slowly turning into a successive drought as a result of poor rainfall patterns. The World Food Programme (WFP) has highlighted that 8 million people (over 50% of the population) face starvation in the next three months. The hunger has been worsened […]

Invest in sustainable energy sources’

Nyasha Chingono, Recently In Rabat, Morroco ENERGY expert Kwabena Addo Pambour says African leaders lack the political will to invest in sustainable energy sources, a situation that has led to crippling power cuts across the continent with some countries, like Zimbabwe, going for 18 hours daily without electricity. Speaking on the sidelines of the Africa […]

Political climate change taking centre stage

AS the discourse of climate change continues to unfold, taking new twists and dimensions, at various international gatherings, it’s the political voices and views that are shaping the nature of discussions as opposed to purely environmental concerns. While issues of climate change, from the environmentalists and climate change experts’ points of view, are sufficiently clear […]

Climate emissions from tropical forest damage ‘underestimated by a factor of six’

Greenhouse gas emissions caused by damage to tropical rainforests around the world are being underestimated by a factor of six, according to a new study. Research led by the University of Queensland finds the climate impact of selective logging, outright clearing and fire in tropical rainforests between 2000 and 2013 were underestimated by 6.53bn tonnes of […]

Rivers rehabilitation significant in the face of climate change

MANY streams, rivers and other water bodies are threatened, have just been lost or degraded due to untoward human behaviours and practices. All water bodies combined, play instrumental roles in enhancing human livelihoods and ecological functions through human and animal water consumption, moisture retention and other river basin best practices. Due to poverty, lack of […]

Central banks are waking up to climate change dangers. It’s about time    

The impact of climate change on the stability of individual financial institutions and the financial system in general is growing. It influences the types of activities that financial institutions will fund and the cost of finance. For example, the increased frequency and intensity of floods, storms and droughts is complicating the insurance industry’s ability to […]

Absence of children’s climate change literature regrettable

A NUMBER of circumstances have contributed to the death of a reading culture, not only because of academic excellence, but also in terms of the emergence of climate change literature for awareness, literacy and education. Climate change is the most topical and problematic issue of our time and its literature is still restricted to a […]

Climate change is morally wrong

Humankind is in a race between two tipping points. The first is when the Earth’s ecosystems and the life they contain tip into irreversible collapse due to climate change. The second is when the fight for climate action tips from being just one of many political concerns to becoming a mass social movement. The existential […]

Significance of public engagement in climate change networking

The climate change phenomenon is firmly in the public domain and it is no longer a secret, but remains a problem which the people are failing to deal with decisively. The climate change discourse is inherent in books, magazines, newspapers, broadcasting, websites, briefs, blogs, film, theatre, drama, interactive platforms and many other media sites. In […]

Clean energy most feasible remedy to Zambia’s power woes

ZAMBIA’S energy crisis, an impediment to government’s economic diversification plans, tells an all-too-familiar irony in most parts of the continent: crippling deficits despite abundant sources of renewable energy sources. This is because of an over-reliance on hydro-power. Thus, as the Zambian government initiates efforts to diversify the economy from an over-dependence on mining (mainly copper), […]