Southern Africa at increased risk of climate change

A new report on The Global Climate has identified significant changes in climate in the last five years since 2015, including in Southern Africa, suggesting a renewed threat of climate change impacts and variability. The report by the World Meteorological Organisation ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit held in New York in September, reveals […]

Rivers rehabilitation significant in the face of climate change

MANY streams, rivers and other water bodies are threatened, have just been lost or degraded due to untoward human behaviours and practices. All water bodies combined, play instrumental roles in enhancing human livelihoods and ecological functions through human and animal water consumption, moisture retention and other river basin best practices. Due to poverty, lack of […]

Absence of children’s climate change literature regrettable

A NUMBER of circumstances have contributed to the death of a reading culture, not only because of academic excellence, but also in terms of the emergence of climate change literature for awareness, literacy and education. Climate change is the most topical and problematic issue of our time and its literature is still restricted to a […]

Climate change — Can nature’s balance be restored?

People around the world observed International Day of Peace on September 21, a day which is observed annually to promote and enhance peace among nations and peoples. International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations (UN) in 1981. In 2002, the UN declared it a permanent holiday. Through education and public awareness campaigns, […]

Climate change is morally wrong

Humankind is in a race between two tipping points. The first is when the Earth’s ecosystems and the life they contain tip into irreversible collapse due to climate change. The second is when the fight for climate action tips from being just one of many political concerns to becoming a mass social movement. The existential […]

Skanska : How buildings can be a solution to climate change

Skanska’s Rune Stene, the head of the Powerhouse collaboration that produces industry-leading ‘energy positive’ and Paris Agreement-aligned buildings, shares his perspectives on how the drive to cut energy use and carbon emissions is changing buildings and how those structures are produced. Rune Stene is redefining the relationship between buildings and energy. He’s the Managing Director […]

Solar borehole shields pupils from croc attacks

By Nhau Mangirazi Villagers around Mushumbi primary school have found solace in a solar-powered borehole that now ‘protects’ pupils from crocodile attacks within Manyame river in Mbire district in Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland Central province. This follows the establishment of a solar powered borehole as a renewable energy solution for effective water supplies since 2016. Situated about […]

Global renewable energy initiative aims to bring a billion people in from the dark

Electricity could be delivered to more than a billion people currently living without it within a decade by linking up small-scale projects into a giant, environmentally-friendly network. According to a new global commission, advances in micro energy grids and renewable energy technologies could “dramatically accelerate change” and transform lives in rural areas of sub-Saharan African and south […]

climate change, poll finds, and about 1 in 4 are taking action

In a coastal town in Washington state, climate change has a high school junior worried about the floods that keep deluging his school. A 17-year-old from Texas says global warming scares him so much he can’t even think about it. But across the country, teens are channeling their anxieties into activism. “Fear,” said Maryland 16-year-old […]

Significance of public engagement in climate change networking

The climate change phenomenon is firmly in the public domain and it is no longer a secret, but remains a problem which the people are failing to deal with decisively. The climate change discourse is inherent in books, magazines, newspapers, broadcasting, websites, briefs, blogs, film, theatre, drama, interactive platforms and many other media sites. In […]