COMMENT: Lowering of tariffs by Zesa will bring relief to consumers

In a world full of greedy capitalists, the decision by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) to lower the cost of electricity tariffs not only comes as a relief but a shock as well. Consumers are no longer used to prices going down. They keep going up, even when there is no justification. In April, […]

Renewable energy “healing’’ the land in Zimbabwe

By Lemuel Chekai Until the enactment of a national lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, most households in urban Zimbabwe were enduring up to 18 hours without electricity for over a year. According to the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), the country’s power utility, the acute electricity shortage was partly caused by the […]

Uptake of renewable energy still low in Zimbabwe’s rural areas

By Nesia Mhaka Zimbabwe’s ambitious drive to promote clean energy and reduce energy poverty by 2030 especially in rural areas through the power of sunshine is still facing numerous barriers. The country implemented strong policy frameworks for sustainable energy early this year with the objective of improving renewable energy regulations and opening up the energy […]

Harnessing renewable energy to promote socio-economic development in Zimbabwe

By Patience Shawarira Zimbabwe is currently struggling with a persistent energy crisis worsened by the economic meltdown.  The crisis is characterised by electricity outages and scarcity of petroleum. Most of the electricity is generated from coal-fired thermal and hydro-power plants, directly and indirectly, owned by a state-owned enterprise, ZESA Holdings, through the Zimbabwe Power Company.   […]

Promote climate change education in Southern Africa: Experts

By Nesia Mhaka Southern African countries have been challenged to promote climate change education at all levels to create an informed community as well as to reduce loss of lives due to natural disasters.  This will be in line with the National Climate Change Learning Strategy which seeks to promote awareness in the countries and […]

Zimbabwe tourism sector shifts to sustainable energy to boost industry

By Nkosilathi Sibanda To operators in the resort areas of Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls and Binga, in Matabeleland North Province, have opted to harness solar energy as well as energy saving lighting to offset incessant power outages that have affected businesses for a long time now. This comes in the wake of calls for adoption of […]

Climate change cannot control our destiny

The journey began at the turn of the millennium when Zimbabwe embarked on its land reform programme, a transformative enduring initiative that resulted in the West imposing sanctions on the country. It has been two long decades since 12,1 million hectares of land ― about 31 percent of the prime agricultural land ― was redistributed […]

Channel Islands’ largest solar panel array online at Guernsey Post

The largest solar panel array in the Channel Islands has come online on the roof of the Guernsey Post headquarters. The energy generated by the array’s 654 panels is expected to exceed 200,000 kW/h per year. This would exceed the annual amount of electricity required to power the post office’s fleet of 82 electric vans. […]

Kites and drones used to harness wind power could revolutionize renewable energy

High-altitude kites or drones could be used to harness dependable wind power and could revolutionize approaches to renewable energy generation, scientists believe. A research team at the University of Madrid are using the giant aeroflot kites used in kite surfing to experiment with on-board energy generation, in the form of small wind-turbines mounted to the aircraft. The power generated is then transmitted […]