Climate change cannot control our destiny

The journey began at the turn of the millennium when Zimbabwe embarked on its land reform programme, a transformative enduring initiative that resulted in the West imposing sanctions on the country. It has been two long decades since 12,1 million hectares of land ― about 31 percent of the prime agricultural land ― was redistributed […]

Channel Islands’ largest solar panel array online at Guernsey Post

The largest solar panel array in the Channel Islands has come online on the roof of the Guernsey Post headquarters. The energy generated by the array’s 654 panels is expected to exceed 200,000 kW/h per year. This would exceed the annual amount of electricity required to power the post office’s fleet of 82 electric vans. […]

Kites and drones used to harness wind power could revolutionize renewable energy

High-altitude kites or drones could be used to harness dependable wind power and could revolutionize approaches to renewable energy generation, scientists believe. A research team at the University of Madrid are using the giant aeroflot kites used in kite surfing to experiment with on-board energy generation, in the form of small wind-turbines mounted to the aircraft. The power generated is then transmitted […]

Australia hits 2020 large-scale renewable target

The Clean Energy Regulator of Australia has approved enough capacity to guarantee that the large-scale Renewable Energy Target of 33,000 GWh of additional renewable energy will be met in 2020. The milestone was announced by Clean Energy Regulator chairperson David Parker: “It is now certain Australia will generate enough renewable energy to meet the 2020 Large-scale Renewable Energy Target”. […]

Adapting African agriculture to climate change  

Climate change is already putting huge stress on Africa’s food production systems   And, according to projections, worse is coming. As ministers for agriculture from across the continent gather in Kigali for the Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue (August 5 and August 6 2019), ensuring a secure and sustainable food supply must be at the centre […]

Take control of energy usage with LG’s residential solar offerings

In conjunction with North America’s Smart Energy Week, LG Electronics (LG) is underscoring its role as a top player within the U.S. residential solar market at the 2019 Solar Power International Conference. LG continues to transform today’s solar landscape, offering precision-manufactured and high-efficiency solar panels and an innovative Energy Storage System (ESS) for homeowners who […]

Climate change: Communal farmers need education too

WHILE the concept of climate change is fairly getting appreciation in the country’s communities, very little has been done to get the message of its impacts to the communal farmers whose collective efforts are admittedly contributing to agriculture productivity.  A lot of workshops, meetings and seminars on the subject have been confined to teak furnished […]

Zim must fully utilise affordable clean energy

Zimbabwe’s rural population spends at least $1,5 million on buying candles for lighting due to energy poverty amid reports that about 10 million people are victims of the phenomenon. The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) says more than 80 percent of people in the country are off the national electricity grid.  Access to renewable energy […]

Achieving self-sufficiency in Zim power generation

ZIMBABWE is entering its third week of electricity blackouts under the national load-shedding programme announced by the country’s power utility, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa). The experience for various consumers seems like a déjà vu as rolling power cuts had been a daily norm from 2000 up until 2013 when prepaid meters were introduced. The […]

Climate change reception cloudy

Ecosystem, biodiversity and ozone layer — for a layman in Zimbabwe these, among other technical jargon related to the environment and climate change, are complex words, which despite being publicised lack importance as they do not address the urgent “bread and butter” issues they are faced with each and every day. Temperatures within planet earth […]