EDITORIAL COMMENT : Cyclone Idai: Wake-up call to climate change

For doubting Thomases, Tropical Cyclone Idai brings vital lessons that climate change is now with us. The deadly cyclone, whose effects were mainly felt in Manicaland, left death and destruction of property in its wake. The increase in cyclones and other extreme weather phenomena like droughts and floods, clearly indicate that climate change effects are […]

After floods drench eastern Zimbabwe, water shortages parch Harare

Climate change is bringing more weather extremes, and Zimbabwe this year is suffering from opposite crises at once: floods and drought As eastern Zimbabwe struggles with the aftermath of floods that have killed nearly 270 people and destroyed homes and roads, other parts of Zimbabwe are facing a very different crisis: too little water. Lake […]

Zimbabwe: Solar Buses for Harare

A Chinese company, China Nanchang Engineering, has approached Harare City Council with a deal to supply 600 green energy (solar-powered) buses and additional fixed and working capital to service routes in Greater Harare Metropolitan. The project will include a central business district (CBD) shuttle service and the Harare Urban Route will service all suburban routes. […]

Schools should embrace renewable energy technologies

By Hazvinei Mwanaka Rural and urban schools have been urged to embrace renewable energy technologies particularly solar to assist in their learning activities. With the power outages being experienced in the country and the high costs of electricity, solar energy could be the answer to learning activities at schools.  Masvingo provincial education director Zediuos Chitiga, […]

Solar energy fortunes for the elderly

By Pamenus Tuso The lives of elderly people in Sizinda and Tshabalala high density suburbs in Zimbabwe’s second city of Bulawayo is  set to significantly  improve following the setting up  of a solar driven horticulture irrigation scheme in the area by a local organisation ,Trace the Fortune of the  Elderly (Trace). The project which is […]

Significance of grassroots voice in climate change communication

As climate change impacts persist, and unabated of course, it is increasingly clear that the most affected people are the rural based, due to weak resilient capacities, lack of education, training and awareness, neglect as well as their periphery nature. As a result of a complex nature of wide networks of bottlenecks and communicative power […]

Inaction as a curse in climate change deliverables

Despite climate change being just a buzz word and phenomena, with the media mouth-pieces and platforms screaming about climate change universals and ethical considerations — including climate action practices, all forms of climate change coverages around the world should translate into meaningful action strategies. As they practise these climate fundamentals, they will be advocating for […]

CHiNT still keen on Gwanda project

SHANGHAI Stock Exchange-listed CHiNT Electric Co has reaffirmed its commitment to seeing through the successful implementation of the 100 Megawatts Gwanda solar project after its local partner, Intratrek Zimbabwe, won a contract dispute in the High Court. The globally reputable solar energy company has also committed to secure a multi-million dollar advance payment guarantee and […]

Role of values in climate change community engagement

The powerful role human values play in moulding and transforming individuals’ desire to participate in climate action programmes can never be underestimated. Culturally and intrinsically, certain values are always inherent in pro-nature orientation and behaviours, hence community engagement, recognition, and consultations are the best ingredients for sustainable climate change policies. Values, otherwise defined by researchers […]

New guidelines on use of wetlands for property developments

By Wallace Mawire The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has come up with guidelines on the use of the country’s contentious wetlands for infrastructure and property developments. In the past few years, Zimbabwe has been facing a major problem involving illegal property developments on its wetlands. For instance, land barons have been accused   of illegally parceling […]