Batteries manufacturing company pledges US$20,000 solar power for Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 isolation centre

By Pamenus Tuso

Just like Harare’s Wilkins Hospital in Zimbabwe’s capital , Thorngove Isolation Centre  in the country’s second largest city – Bulawayo – needs constant power supply in order to meet the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended COVID-19 centre.

Chloride Zimbabwe Limited is helping with improving the energy source at  the centre through solar powering the facility  at a cost of US$20,000.

In an interview with Green Energy Zimbabwe, the company’s regional manager for Mataabeleland, Rudorwashe Shiringo said the company decided to solar power the COVID-19 ward after realiiing the challenges which the centre has been facing in fighting the global pandemic.

“In the wake of power challenges which the country is experioencing, we saw it fit to install a power back up at Thorngrove COVID-19 isolation centre so that the hospital is guaranteed of electricity 24 hours a day. To us what is important is our contribution to the fight against the pandemic, ‘’ said Shiringo.

Solar energy is a form of renewable energy source that one can install right on, or beside, a house. This type of energy is classified under renewable energy because its supply is constant. 

Solar energy is mechanically harnessed for people’s use through photovoltaic panels or modules (commonly known as solar panels in Zimbabwe) and solar thermal systems or through solar water heating. Solar can be used on various applications in the home, hospitals, offices or factories.

Bulawayo City Council Health Services assistant director, Khulamuzi Nathi, applauded the company for  this project at the hospital.

“This is a timely intervention by Chloride Zimbabwe. The COVID-19 ward is now assured of constant supply of power. Continuos power supply is critical at the  ward because patients in the ward need to be constantly monitored, ‘’ said Nyathi.

The assistant health services director said solar power will improve the city’s ability to mitigate various impacts likely to be caused by coronavirus.

Post Author: Chido Luciasi

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