Call to speed up Climate Change Bill

Environmental stakeholders have spelt the need for Government to speed up the process of a legislative framework of measures to mitigate climate change.

Stakeholders have gathered in Harare for a workshop to discuss sections of the draft of the Climate Change Bill in line with Statutory Instrument (SI) 134 of 2019.

Speaking during a one day Private Sector Workshop on the Climate Change Bill, held in Harare yesterday,director of Climate Change Department, Mr Washington Zhakata outlined the need to update the current legislative framework to suit the ongoing climate changes as a result of global warming.

Mr Zhakata singled out developed countries as the culprits which are aggravating climatic changes due to emissions from industries.

“Gases emitted from industries in developed countries has far reaching consequences as they are contributing immensely to climate change. Government should speed up the updating of the climate change bill to meet the ongoing deteriorating climate. This will reinforce the already existing SI 134 of 2019,” he said.

Mr Tirivanhu Muhwati a scientist also said climate change bill should have sought to mitigate the effects of global warming which has given rise to harsh conditions such as prolonged droughts, cyclones among others.

“Section 14,15 and 16 of the Climate Change Model Bill seek to enhance Zimbabwe’s fight against climate change by imposing sectoral emission target, promote initiatives that reduce emission and enable easier compilation of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Under the Biennial Transparency Reports of the Paris Agreement, Zimbabwe will be required to provide details on its emission after every two years starting in the year 2024. “Zimbabwe and other 183 countries that have ratified the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change are expected to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission through nationally determined actions and embrace a general movement towards low emission and climate resilient development,” said Mr Muhwati.

Climate Change mitigation expert Mr Lawrence Mashungu said the bill should acknowledge Zimbabwe as vulnerable to effects of Global warming.

“Climate change is the biggest threat to humankind and the global economy. Our own Climate Change Response Strategy and Climate Policy acknowledges that Zimbabwe is extremely vulnerable to climate change impacts.

“The question is no longer whether it is necessary to mitigate and adapt to these impacts, but how quickly and effectively we can do so. Any new climate change legislation will be of little use if it does not urgently ensure meaningful GHG emission reductions and effective climate change adaptation measures,” he said.

Source: Herald

Post Author: Chido Luciasi

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