Exercise underway to determine energy access levels

By Wallace Mawire

The Zimbabwe Environmental Regional Organisation (ZERO) is in the process of documenting all renewable energy projects done by non-state actors that may be contributing to sustainable energy access for socio-economic development in Zimbabwe.

According to Wellington Madumira, ZERO Programmes Officer, the initiative seeks to determine the impact by non-state actors in ensuring that Zimbabweans have access to energy.

“Energy is an enabler of all developmental sectors but it remains unknown.  The specific areas and communities that do not have access to any form of energy needs  to be equated to available statistics,” Madumira said.

He said government has come up with Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs) and a target of 33% emissions reduction target was set for this purpose.

 “Unfortunately, only one or two NGOs contributed through their renewable energy projects to the NDCs. The rest of CSOs are not captured and the reason could be that of omission or that the projects were not known or non-existent at the time of reporting,” he said.

He said it was important for them to document their own efforts including those of Independent Power Producers for input into the next round of NDC data collection by government.

“Besides reporting for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), to meet the international reporting, these omitted renewable energy projects including, energy impoverished/rich areas, need to be identified in Zimbabwe for evidence and informed intervention.

“This can inform the Ministry and other stakeholders of the efforts CSOs have made to roll-out renewable and other forms of clean energy in the country,” Madumira said.

He also said CSOs and IPPs need to fill in a data collection form and also download the Epicollect5 application on their mobile play store.

 They can also fill the questionnaire on the site their project is being done and submit it online.

 “It will automatically feed into our database. Epicollect5 is a mobile and web application for free and easy data collection that works either online or offline,” Madumira said.

ZERO has since produced a map of energy projects done by CSOs and IPPs in Zimbabwe which include among others Practical Action, Oxfam, Environment Africa and renewable energy projects in Manicaland province.


Post Author: MISA Zimbabwe

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