How world leaders have failed to walk the environmental talk

It is not easy to find environment conscience presidents around the world. While it is easy to make noise about environmental sustainability or going green, many world leaders are unable or unwilling to walk the talk.

Instead, what we are witnessing now is the emergence of imposter and pseudo-environmentalist leaders.

Most world leaders tend to take sides with business, which, most of the times is anathema to environmental protection in their respective countries.

When one or two leaders come out in the open questioning the doctrine of climate change, we are quick to accuse them of unfair practices without critically analysing the behaviour of the leaders whose views on climate change remain locked up in their closets.

The world is being taken for a ride by these dubious characters, who use double-speak and con their audiences with their oratory in order to perpetuate their self-serving agendas.

Language, in this case is no longer being used as a tool to empower but to confuse.

There are very few leaders, particularly those that have invested in the extractive sector, who are willing to stand up and fight for the environments, as this could harm their business interests.

Instead of being decisive on the environment, these leaders are preoccupied with buying time, but this is detrimental for the world, as it continues to suffer the ravages of climate change.

 In their defence such leaders hide behind terms such as clean energy and green energy technologies.

However, what is not lost is that while there is the emergence of green and clean solutions, this is still in the trial phase and the world is yet to reap the fruits of these interventions.

World leaders have not been sincere in this regard, as they are more inclined to big business, particularly multi-national corporations involved in fossil fuel production.

Multi-national companies are still manufacturing chemical products that are harmful to the environment and very few world leaders, if any, are taking them to task.

Some countries are using potentially dangerous methods to harness power, while the environment is being sacrificed in a big way.

Businesses are aware of the high costs of environmental compliance that is why they always play hide and seek with the laws.

Unless and until the majority of world leaders stop trading in communication massaging, sweet talk and linguistic bribery, we have a long way to go towards environmental compliance and sustainability.


Post Author: MISA Zimbabwe

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