Environmental situations favouring green technologies, entrepreneurship

YOUNG people around the world need proper mentoring and cultivation of business ideas at tender ages, to influence the ideas of sustainable of sustainable business development and practices, known as entrepreneurship.

 The ability to develop innovative business ideas and being able to implement them is known as entrepreneurship.

The technological advancement and the sustainable future that every country so desires, which also takes into account the environmental sustainability issues that should be blended into youth, in order to shape and nurture eco-compliant lives, tough enough to mould them for future endeavours.

The youths, as risk takers need to be cultured into entrepreneurial issues together with green technologies applications without side-lining environmental issues for sustainable development.

Sustainable ideas that take the economy and environment forward need to be translated into real and practical business realities, shaping their lives and livelihoods, and moulding their behaviours and business cultures.

Green technologies are central and key to the economic development that will drive our countries forward.

As such, they need to be blended with the youth experiences, so that they become techno-savvy as life-long empowerment skills.

The formula for entrepreneurial success is largely determined by sustainable eco-planning, which should be a goal for every technological minded youths.

 Countries are awash with youths who are potential entrepreneurs and what they need is guidance and go-getting methodologies, which include creativity, perseverance and resilience.

All aspects of environmental factors need to be considered when developing entrepreneurial ideas.

These include geographical environment, legal environment, economic and political environment.

Youths also thrive on information resources which include information communication technologies (ICTs), for blending with business experiences.

Youths are still malleable and they can be easily attested into their fields of their competences, determined by appropriate technical know-how, subject and context specific issues.

We need a new generation of cultured and motivated young entrepreneurs who have self-control, shun corrupt activities, grow businesses and take care of the environment as well.

The ability of having great business ideas is all what young entrepreneurs should do for their countries.

Each nation should have positive beliefs in their youths, who, at the same time are potential entrepreneurs, they are so energetic and ready to take risks.

Even the educational curriculum can provide comprehensive background and basis for their future growth, as pupils would have been empowered at tender ages. Passion in business is all what would drive the youths to success.

It’s always important to have a better understanding of how to promote young and green entrepreneurs in a developing country.

These young entrepreneurs require motivation and funding through governmental support.

Every government needs to have entrepreneurial blueprints to map their policy direction for the sustainable future they want


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