Vapostori in drive for cleaner church environment

By Wisdom Mumera

In an endeavour to promote cleaner worshiping environments members of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) led by Johannes Ndanga, have created a ministry to monitor church sites for all their affiliate members.

The sanitation ministry is set to be led by Bishop Mukwati who has been tasked with going around checking whether the vapostori are being hygienic at their church sites.

Speaking at the announcement of a new Executive Council, Johannes Ndanga, said there is need to regulate places where the vapostori, who normally use open spaces for church sites, assemble.

“We have tasked him with that ministry and he shall be going around the country monitoring and making sure that the places have proper sanitation and hygiene structures,” said Ndanga.

The corrective measure by the ACCZ Life President comes in the wake of calls by the First Lady, Grace Mugabe, for sanitised church places for the vapostori whom she addressed during a Super Sunday rally at Rufaro Stadium in Harare.

“My only problem with you is where do you go if the need arises. Men, you are the ones who start these churches, you should understand how our bodies as women are made. We always need ablution facilities near-by,” she said in vernacular.

ACCZ comprises of more than 3 000 apostolic and Zion sects.

The 2008/09 cholera outbreak that killed more than 4,000 people countrywide and affected more than 100,000 brought to prominence the lack of sanitation facilities for most of the Apostolic sects.

According to the 2012 Zimbabwe National Census and the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2014, the Apostolic sects have been a major contributor to the high rate of maternal mortality and have hampered efforts to reduce maternal mortality.

“During the cholera outbreak in 2008/09, we lacked knowledge as members of the Apostolic Sect and it was only after we were engaged by Government officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care in 2013 that we realized that we had to change our old ways,” Headman Maregere, an apostolic leader, said in an interview.

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