Solar Suitcases Initiative Helps Vulnerable Rural women

By Wisdom Mumera

Zimbabwe Energy Eco Foundation (ZEEF) has harnessed the abundance of the sun to provide health facilities and staff with innovative “We Care Solar Suitcases” an innovative and economical power unit which can be used to power a variety of devices.

The solar packs are handy in both domestic and service industries in the rural areas where the issue of lighting is a major problem particularly for many health institutions which now required that women bring candles to their maternity wards.

We Care Solar Suitcases can be used to power laptops, mobile units, lights and other small medical devices.

Speaking at the handover of the same to Beatrice Rural Hospital recently, Ministry of Health and Child Care Director of Family Health, Dr. Bernard Madzima hailed ZEEF for coming up with the solution.

“This country is blessed with an abundance of sunshine and I think we have to make use of it if we can get simple technology that non technical people such as the nurses even Sisters in Charge can read and understand the manual.

“As a Ministry we welcome the system as it complements government efforts in ensuring good health services to the people”, he said.

Madzima complained that the old system of using fossil fueled generators had proved ineffective due to various constraints, a scenario which would not be the same with solar powered units.

“In the past decade we were focused on installing generators at all institutions and half the time when I visited these rural hospitals, these generators would no longer be working.

“Also even if they were still working, they did not have fuel to run the generators. So at this point generators are no longer useful and we therefore welcome this new system”, he added.

ZEEF Co-Founder, Mr. Wadison Muchemwa expressed his pleasure at the innovative system and how it is helping vulnerable rural women.

“Our focus is to provide light to the rural hospitals so that no mother and child should die whilst giving birth. We noticed that most rural hospitals have an erratic supply of electricity and so sometimes they may not have electricity during the night when mothers are giving birth”, he added.

So far 35 rural hospitals in the country have had these solar suitcases installed at their facilities enabling safer births for many women.

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