ZERA urges consumers to buy energy related products from genuine dealers

By Hazvinei Mwanaka

MASVINGO-Consumers have been urged to buy from reputable suppliers that are licensed to sell energy products inorder to avoid buying substandard products.

Speaking recently during a workshop in Masvingo on safe use of energy in homes by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) and Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority (ZERA), Renewable Energy Engineer with ZERA, Tobias Mudzingwa, said they are in the process of registering lighting products importers and distributers so that they comply with set standards and regulation.

“Quality is a national problem not just in relation to lighting products but to other energy products as well. So what we have done as an authority is to work together with the Standards Association of Zimbabwe in developing acceptable standards for lighting equipment as a first step,” said Mudzingwa.

He added that they have also worked on and introduced Statutory Instrument SI 21 2017 which bans the importation, manufacture, distribution or selling of any or all lighting products which do not meet the minimum performance standard.

“The challenge that we are facing is that some products were already in the market before we even gazetted the regulation. But we are conducting an inspection blitz and we have also begun to prosecute some retailers who have been selling bulbs that we have already phased out,” he said.

Mudzingwa added that registered distributors will be publicised on their website.

However this is not a problem that is going to be solved overnight, “we need about six months or so to ensure that we have phased out all the substandard products in the market. In the meantime we are encouraging consumers to use materials from reputable brands and if in doubt to consult us,” said Mudzingwa.

Post Author: MISA Zimbabwe

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