Old Mutual  commissions  Kupinga hydropower plant

By Wallace Mawire

Old Mutual Zimbabwe has  commissioned  a $5 million hydro power station plant at Kupinga in Chipinge on 24 August, 2017  to provide much needed power to the rural community in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province.

According to Mr. Jonas Mushosho, Old Mutual Group CEO, the 1,6 MW project was initiated by the organisation in 2015 as part of its ambition of identifying opportunities for growth.

Mushosho said the Private Public Partnership (PPP) initiative  with Kupinga Renewable Energy which seeks to provide clean energy to Chipinge’s rural community, is now on the national grid and operational.

According to Marjorie Mayida, Old Mutual Investment Group Managing Director, the project is expected to have a 17% return on investment.  Mayida said a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), has been finalised with the Zimbabwe Electricity and Transmission Distribution Company.

Some of the expected benefits from the project include uplifting the Chipinge district and the country at large through supply of clean energy. Local communities are also expected to engage in income generating projects which will create jobs.

The horticulture and dairy sectors which are some of the district’s viable sectors are also expected to revived.



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2 thoughts on “Old Mutual  commissions  Kupinga hydropower plant

    R Thomson

    (January 18, 2019 - 11:42)

    Good Afternoon

    Would you be able to put me in contact with the developers from either Old Mutual or Kupinga Hydropower?

      Nyasha Nyakunu

      (January 24, 2019 - 11:43)

      Dear R Thomson

      Good day, for more information with regards to the Kupinga Hydropwer project, please contact Wallace Mawire on wmawire@gmail.com

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