Renewable energy products demand rises

DEMAND for renewable energy products is on the increase in Zimbabwe as many people seek cheaper forms of power, an industry social has said.

Genking Solar Services director, Mr Kingston Makuwe, said renewable energy was cheaper than grid electricity adding that his company was making good business from selling solar energy products.

The company deals with renewable energy products like solar equipment, LED lights, solar iron, solar panels, solar water pump, solar geysers, and solar power system among others.

“The demand for renewable energy is on the increase given the high price of electricity. People are switching to solar energy because it offers long term solutions and it reduces power bills by 60 percent,” he said

Mr Makuwe told Business Chronicle that by switching to renewable energy sources customers were able to save money and cut on the cost of service in a difficult economic climate.

“We opened shop in Bulawayo in October last year and customer response is good as we have experienced an increase in our sales. This means the local customers value our products and they have realised the importance of renewable energy as a lasting solution,” he said.

Mr Makuwe said his company had working relations with entrepreneurs and companies who also seek their products.

He said despite the cash shortages experienced in the country his company has managed to navigate the challenges by using plastic money.

“The use of plastic money has managed to keep us on business and it has a lot of good bearing to many companies in the country,” said Mr Makuwe.

Source: The Chronicle: 6 June 2017

Post Author: Muaz Cisse

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