Thermo bags solution to saving energy

By Watmore Makokoba


Achieving energy sufficiency is not only about ensuring access but nurturing a culture of saving power, says entrepreneur Jennifer Ropafadzo Gororo.

Promotion of energy efficiency at household and commercial level is therefore critical.

Motivated by a desire to contribute towards energy sufficiency in the country, Jennifer adopted an idea that is now a fully-fledged ‘green’ business.

“Currently our country is faced with energy deficiency characterised by load-shedding, this crisis prompted the manufacture of the Evlogia thermo bag,”she said.

The thermo bag is a heat preserving product that is, according to Jennifer, capable of saving energy by 25%, making it environmentally friendly products emerging into the market amid global calls to sustainable energy management systems.

“Evlogia thermo bags save energy … therefore, the energy sector is presented with an opportunity to save both electricity and money.

“A study undertaken by Evlogia proves that this bag saves energy by 25% each time the bag is used. It is environmentally friendly and emits no gases into the atmosphere and most importantly it saves the environment from deforestation, siltation and degradation.”

The interior of the bag is made of cotton which facilitates insulation; the exterior is made of a canvas-like material which enables the bag to be an outdoor product as well. The insulation is made up of recycled polystyrene polymer (kaylite). Kaylite has posed serious environmental problems in Zimbabwe and this form of recycling could be the solution.

Jennifer’s initiative comes at a time when Zimbabwe is grappling with serious energy shortages. This  prompted the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA), to embark on a nationwide campaign to raise awareness on energy saving as a way of fostering sufficiency.

“Evlogia thermo bag´s efficient way of saving energy goes in line with ZERA’ s energy talk which promotes embracing energy efficiency to save energy in the country. We believe this way, Zimbabwe will gradually stop importing electricity and start exporting instead.  It is every individual´s responsibility to save our own environment,” she said.

The target market ranges from individuals, households, industrial and commercial institutions. The product  is already available in selected retail outlets.

Other product lines include; juice bottle holders for keeping hot and cold beverages at desired temperatures, lunch boxes and cooler boxes which can preserve temperatures for at least six hours.

In an interview, during the recent World Environment Day commemorations organised by Environmental Management Agency (EMA), Mukuvisi Woodlands and supported by several members of the corporate world, Jennifer said her broader vision is to get to a point where the citizens of Zimbabwe join hands in saving energy.

“Saved electricity can go a long way in supplying uninterrupted power to industries that heavily depend on electricity.

“My vision is to see this concept going global, ” said Jennifer.

Jennifer Gororo graduated from Midlands State University in 2015 with an Honours Degree in Business Management. Evlogia is a private limited company that was registered in January 2017.

Saving energy resonates with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 7 on affordable and clean energy and SDG Number 12  on responsible consumption and production.



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