Develop reliable energy sources

Develop reliable energy sources

The country must develop sustainable renewable energy sources to cushion the economy from the devastating effects of power shortages.

It is imperative that our policy makers look into the aspect of energy provision with an inclination towards establishing our own reliable energy sources.

Previously, so much has been said with regard to alleviating the power crisis but so little has been done to date.

There are plenty of options that can be considered, including but not limited to solar and wind mills. These energy sources, if extensively harnessed can provide us with reliable energy sources.

While I commend the government, through the Energy ministry, for highlighting a raft of measures that it is taking to deal with this matter, I think more still needs to be done.

We have plenty of sunshine in Zimbabwe, so we should strive to have solar fields which can generate electricity for us.

Having travelled extensively in many African countries, I have realised other countries are doing exactly that so we should adopt such innovations.

Although independent power producers were licensed to help produce power, government cannot abdicate this responsibility to private players alone.

Government should complement such efforts by creating an enabling environment that makes it easier for private players and the general citizenry to import equipment and supporting infrastructure in power generation which they can utilise in their respective industries thereby lessening the over reliance on the national power grid. Such measures include rebates and allowing such equipment to be imported into the country duty free.

Let us come together and build the Zimbabwe we want.

Source: Daily News: March 17, 2017

Post Author: Muaz Cisse

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