How climate change undermines biodiversity growth

THE rising temperatures, harsh weather conditions which include excessive heat, the El Ninos and the La Nina effects, have a strong bearing on the influence of climate change. The ongoing droughts, hunger and famine in some parts of the world can strongly be related to climate change and have a strong potential and will power […]

Planting ideas for climate sustainable solutions

Year in and year out, people around the world, particularly in developing countries, have had to deal with the spectre of floods, cyclones, forest fires and famine.  These natural disasters have become part and parcel of people’s lived experiences. The only way to mitigate these disasters is to be assertive and proactive in the way […]

The criticalness of land restoration for environmental sustainability

Ever since the artisanal miners’ invasion on the country’s vast mineral resources and landscapes, seeking instant riches or rather survival from gold and chrome deposits, or just trying to ease the jaws of biting economic conditions, land degradation has consumed a significant chunk of the country’s productive land and waterways. Hence, if the country needs […]

Local communities and forest rights for environmental sustainability

Local communities and community leaders, as custodians of nature, ought to play a sustainable role in forest conservation, ownership, governance and rights. This is significant for the establishment of long term community livelihoods and resilient goals. Forest rights enable local communities to be in charge of their forest resources, products and non-forest products and market […]

Banks awakening to renewable energy

By Wisdom Mumera The drive for renewable energy has generally been embraced in Africa wholesomely. However, progress on the ground has largely been at a snail’s pace due to financial hurdles. Locally, financial institutions are still hesitant to be involved in the renewable energy sector by financing  long-term investments. This has resulted  in the stagnation […]

Coal faces dire future

By Wisdom Mumera Demand for coal which is the foremost fossil fuel used in industrial production is set to decline as companies opt for cheaper renewable energy according to the Blomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The report predicts a bright long term future for renewables and inversely a bleak future for coal which has driven […]

What is derailing renewable sector growth in Zimbabwe?

By Watmore Makokoba Zimbabwe has ample potential for electricity generation from hydro, solar, biomass and wind, nevertheless, but only a fraction of the country’s renewable energy potential has been exploited so far. According to the Zimbabwe Environmental Regional Organisation (ZERO), Project Manager Wellington Madumira there are four main challenges to the uptake of renewable energy […]

ZERA urges consumers to buy energy related products from genuine dealers

By Hazvinei Mwanaka MASVINGO-Consumers have been urged to buy from reputable suppliers that are licensed to sell energy products inorder to avoid buying substandard products. Speaking recently during a workshop in Masvingo on safe use of energy in homes by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) and Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority (ZERA), Renewable Energy Engineer […]