Climate change: Communal farmers need education too

WHILE the concept of climate change is fairly getting appreciation in the country’s communities, very little has been done to get the message of its impacts to the communal farmers whose collective efforts are admittedly contributing to agriculture productivity.  A lot of workshops, meetings and seminars on the subject have been confined to teak furnished […]

Achieving self-sufficiency in Zim power generation

ZIMBABWE is entering its third week of electricity blackouts under the national load-shedding programme announced by the country’s power utility, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa). The experience for various consumers seems like a déjà vu as rolling power cuts had been a daily norm from 2000 up until 2013 when prepaid meters were introduced. The […]

EDITORIAL COMMENT : Cyclone Idai: Wake-up call to climate change

For doubting Thomases, Tropical Cyclone Idai brings vital lessons that climate change is now with us. The deadly cyclone, whose effects were mainly felt in Manicaland, left death and destruction of property in its wake. The increase in cyclones and other extreme weather phenomena like droughts and floods, clearly indicate that climate change effects are […]

Inaction as a curse in climate change deliverables

Despite climate change being just a buzz word and phenomena, with the media mouth-pieces and platforms screaming about climate change universals and ethical considerations — including climate action practices, all forms of climate change coverages around the world should translate into meaningful action strategies. As they practise these climate fundamentals, they will be advocating for […]

Role of values in climate change community engagement

The powerful role human values play in moulding and transforming individuals’ desire to participate in climate action programmes can never be underestimated. Culturally and intrinsically, certain values are always inherent in pro-nature orientation and behaviours, hence community engagement, recognition, and consultations are the best ingredients for sustainable climate change policies. Values, otherwise defined by researchers […]

How climate change undermines biodiversity growth

THE rising temperatures, harsh weather conditions which include excessive heat, the El Ninos and the La Nina effects, have a strong bearing on the influence of climate change. The ongoing droughts, hunger and famine in some parts of the world can strongly be related to climate change and have a strong potential and will power […]

Planting ideas for climate sustainable solutions

Year in and year out, people around the world, particularly in developing countries, have had to deal with the spectre of floods, cyclones, forest fires and famine.  These natural disasters have become part and parcel of people’s lived experiences. The only way to mitigate these disasters is to be assertive and proactive in the way […]