These solar canopies supply shade & electricity, as well as catch and filter rainwater

A pair of Indian entrepreneurs has developed what they claim is “the most advanced integrated plug and play system” for shade, water, and energy. Solar canopies and carports, which can provide shade underneath them while harvesting clean energy from the sunlight that hits them, can be a great asset in both public and private spaces, […]

The Iconic Robben Island Embraces Renewables

Robben Island goes solar 350Africa salutes the Department of Tourism and partners on launching a flagship renewable project on Robben Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historical island, which uses around 400kW peak electricity, will now switch to solar energy, becoming a beacon of light for renewable technology in South Africa. The solar PV microgrid combines batteries, which stores power […]

Nigeria Launches First Renewable Energy Association

Yesterday industry leaders came together for the launch of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) at the West African Power Industry Convention. The launch was attended by guests from over 100 organizations working in, and supporting, the renewable energy sector in Nigeria. REAN is an umbrella association for organizations working across the renewable energy […]

SA’s plan for renewable energy zones

Solar panels and wind turbines have sprung up like wild flowers across South Africa and by 2030 will be clustered into renewable energy zones known as REDZes. In the first eight of these zones‚ the renewable industry has already revitalised towns. A solar valley developed in the Northern Cape has brought billions of rand in […]

Powering up Africa through innovation

Recent World Bank investment climate surveys find that the top two constraints for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa are access to finance and access to energy. Given that SMEs contribute disproportionately to boosting job creation, GDP, and exports, addressing these two constraints is critical to promoting economic development on the continent. A new […]

Putting the Sister in Solar: the movement bringing women out of energy poverty

“If energy poverty were a person, it would be a woman,” says Olasimbo Sojinrin, Country Manager of Solar Sister Nigeria. In the bustle of a busy marketplace in southwestern Nigeria, Felicia Abiola-Ige sets up a stall with a wide array of solar lamps, torches, phone chargers, home systems and energy efficient stoves. She lays solar panels […]

How Girls’ Education Can Tackle Climate Change

In a previous blog, I talked about the changing political climate as a result of the onset of election season in Europe. Further afield, spectators, businesses, and global activists have been talking about a different kind of climate, contemplating what President Trump’s stance on the Paris Agreement means for our children, particularly prescient ahead of […]