COP23: rethinking greening the earth through tree planting

By Watmore Makokoba The United Nations Climate Change conference COP23 currently underway in Bonn, Germany, is one of the most critical conventions that countries of the world cannot ignore, especially developing countries who are largely on the receiving end from the effects of climate change. For Zimbabwe, this is the opportune time to synchronize and […]

Bulawayo man champions the fight against deforestation

By Pamenus Tuso While in most countries urban forests are valued for many environmental benefits such as the reduction of storm water flow and prevention of soil erosion, most local authorities and Zimbabweans in general seems to be lagging behind in replenishing urban forests. Research also highlights evidence of the social and public health benefits of […]

Solar lights Bulawayo gardens

By Pamenus Tuso Bulawayo City Council has resorted to solar to power garden lights at Tower Block and Revenue Hall, one of the council‘s  major business buildings in Zimbabwe’s second largest city. The council was in 2010 forced to use a generator after the Revenue Hall and Tower Block buildings were switched off by the […]

Parly applauds green initiatives as rural communities improve their livelihoods

By Watmore Makokoba After enduring so many years of successive droughts and ekeing livelihoods in heavily deforested, dry areas, nothing could be more fulfilling than accessing clean energy in their homes, nutritious and abundant food on their tables and seeing the fields turn green with life as water flows on dry ground. As people start […]