COP23: rethinking greening the earth through tree planting

By Watmore Makokoba The United Nations Climate Change conference COP23 currently underway in Bonn, Germany, is one of the most critical conventions that countries of the world cannot ignore, especially developing countries who are largely on the receiving end from the effects of climate change. For Zimbabwe, this is the opportune time to synchronize and […]

Bulawayo man champions the fight against deforestation

By Pamenus Tuso While in most countries urban forests are valued for many environmental benefits such as the reduction of storm water flow and prevention of soil erosion, most local authorities and Zimbabweans in general seems to be lagging behind in replenishing urban forests. Research also highlights evidence of the social and public health benefits of […]

Sustainable cities and buildings awards to be presented

By Wallace Mawire The Ashden, who are the organizers of the Sustainable Cities and Buildings Awards that are aimed at organizations working in the built environment to rapidly decarbonise towns and cities, has opened its call for entries. The awards are open to interventions that relate to physical projects and buildings, financial and legislative programmes, toolkits and learning networks […]

Banks awakening to renewable energy

By Wisdom Mumera The drive for renewable energy has generally been embraced in Africa wholesomely. However, progress on the ground has largely been at a snail’s pace due to financial hurdles. Locally, financial institutions are still hesitant to be involved in the renewable energy sector by financing  long-term investments. This has resulted  in the stagnation […]

Coal faces dire future

By Wisdom Mumera Demand for coal which is the foremost fossil fuel used in industrial production is set to decline as companies opt for cheaper renewable energy according to the Blomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The report predicts a bright long term future for renewables and inversely a bleak future for coal which has driven […]